Top 10 Attractions

Kenting National Forest Recreation Area
Kenting National Forest Recreation Area was previously a botanical garden where a large number of domestic and foreign tropical plants were grown, attracting a rich species of birds.  Attractions including uplifted coral reef formations such as the “One-Line Sky” and limestone terrains such as “Fairy’s Cave” and “Silver Dragon Cave.” These are special types of terrain not commonly seen in Taiwan. It is a natural wonderland perfect for environmental education.
Shirding Nature Park
Shirding Nature Park has over 300 types of plants and up to 50 types of butterflies. The Magellan Birdwing, a Taiwan endemic species, is one of Shirding Nature Park’s biggest features, often found in spring and autumn. The walking paths are built in a simple style with the intention of preserving its natural element. At present, the east part of Shirding Nature Park is an area for research on Formosan Sika Deer recovery for the purpose of ecological preservation.
National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium
Taiwan’s biggest marine biology museum and aquarium has three themed exhibition halls and is the best place for marine environmental education. In addition to these themed exhibition halls, the National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium also features an outdoor water square, underwater tunnel, ecological tours about white whales, and a touch pool where you can experience the feel of starfish, sea cucumbers, and more. Visitors can have fun while learning something new.
Hengchun Old Town
This 100-year-history Hengchun Old Town is Taiwan’s most well-kept ‘level two’ ancient site. After surviving natural disasters and wars, only four city gates full of ancient history are left. Also, 100 meters outside the east city gate, a spectacular phenomenon of natural fire due to underground natural gas, has become a popular attraction.
Mt. Dajian
Mt. Dajian, with an altitude of 318m, rises as an isolated rock and dominates the landscape with its dramatic presence. It is the most prominent landmark inside Kenting National Park, most well-known for its majestic positioning and view climbing is currently not allowed. 
Chuanfan Rock
Having stood long in the sea, the 18m tall Chuanfan Rock is a reef that tumbled from the nearby tablelands. When looking out into the distance, Chuanfan Rock’s spectacular view is like a sailboat. To many visitors, upon a closer look, Chuanfan Rock also shares a resemblance with former US President Richard Nixon.
Baisha Bay
The 500m long Baisha Bay is located at the northwest coastline of Maobitou on the west side of Hengchun Peninsula. Not only can visitors participate in numerous water activities, they can also enjoy the wonderful natural scenery of the sun disappearing into the horizon and unfolding into a starlit night sky.
Longpan Park
Limestone landforms such as collapsed cliffs and seeping caves are commonly found bordering the Pacific and beneath expansive grasslands. When walking among them, you must watch where you step. At Longpan Park visitors can also enjoy a breathtaking sunrise. From April to June each year, visitors can also see the rarely seen Southern Cross in the night sky above the sea to the south.
Eluanbi Park
The park’s Eluanbi Lighthouse has the strongest luminous power of any light in Taiwan, hence its name “The Light of East Asia.” It is most well-known to locals as the light that opens the sea and guides fishermen home. Within Eluanbi Park, the prehistoric remains of the former pottery culture have also attracted visitors who are fascinated with historical sites and artifacts.
Chiang Kai-Shek’s Study
Chiang Kai-Shek’s Study, situated on the first floor of GLORIA MANOR, exhibits renovated redwood furniture made in the Chiang Kai-Shek and Chiang Ching-Kuo eras. The redwood furniture has stood witness to the beauty of the past, present and future. Related books and historical photos are also on display, creating a time capsule of a different era. Guests are welcome to visit for a historical experience.

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