GLORIA HOTEL GROUP’s Policies & Countermeasures Against the Latest Pandemic

Welcome to visit GLORIA MANOR to enjoy the mother nature, and strengthen your Immunity with the southern sunshine, phytoncide and the soft breeze. Kindly reminder for all visitors to please follow the social distancing by keeping a distance of at least 1m when outdoors and 1.5m indoors, and must wear surgical masks when going to crowded places during the trip.


Shuttle Bus Information

One way NT$250 / Round way NT$500


The Top Ten Scenery Hotel The Only one in Taiwan

After being selected as “Top Ten National Park Hotel” in the world, GLORIA MANOR now is “The Top Ten Scenery Hotel” in the world, announced by Chinese biggest travel information website MOOK.

榮獲 2017 Traveller’s Choice大獎

2017 Traveller’s Choice Winner

GLORIA MANOR keep winning international awards like reddit 21, TID AWARD since it came on stage beautifully. The management style and vertical integration service make us outstanding from all other Kenting resort hotels.

Early Bird 早鳥點燈專案

“Light a Candle” Early-Bird Special

Guests who book at Gloria Manor two months or more in advance of their stay will enjoy an early-bird special discount of 5%, with a further 5% of the room charge being donated to charity in the guest’s name.


GLORIA MANOR x HotelsCombined

Beware of bear! GLORIA MANOR is awarded 2017 Recognition of Excellence by HotelsCombined(9.4 Rated by Guest), let us maximize our excitement with Max in GLORIA MANOR!

極致美麗SPA新境地 SPA by Valmont

May the SPA beauty you SPA by Valmont

Surrounded by the Mt. Dajian and mother nature, there is a private place in ECOLOGICAL DISTRICT. With sounds of insects and birds, fragrance of the flowers, SPA by Valmont presents you the most meticulous service and caring.


Extra Room Charge

1. Kids between 0-5 years old is free without breakfast and hotel amenities in rooms; kids between 6-11 years old charges NT$800+10% with hotel amenities and one kid's breakfast. 2.Kids between 0-11 years old charges NT$500+10% with extra bed; over 12 years-old adult charges NT$1,500+10% including breakfast and hotel amenitits.

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