Every city has its iconic landmarks, GLORIA MANOR’s breathtaking greenery and tranquil living environment has also become one of Kenting’s iconic landmark. 


The ground that GLORIA MANOR is built on was once home to the Paiwan aboriginal tribe of Taiwan and has been named as a HengChun Tropical Botanical Garden by the Global Botanical Garden Directory. 1969 was the year that American Astronauts first landed on the moon and Ta-Tang dolls were released for the first time in Taiwan. However, for the older generation, the most talked about topic that year was the opening of the Kenting National Park Recreation Area and it became a trend to venture down to the southernmost part of Taiwan and spend their honeymoon at Kenting House. The countless stories that have been created at Kenting House has contributed to the establishment of GLORIA MANOR’s rich history. 


The original Kenting House, being over fifty years old, was initially used as the management center of the Forestry Bureau. However, because of its beautiful surroundings, President Chiang Kai Shek decided to make Kenting House his official guesthouse in the South. As Taiwan’s tourism took flight, Kenting House was gradually overshadowed by many of the newer establishments and tourism destinations in the Kenting area. In 2012, GLORIA HOTEL GROUP took over the the management of Kenting House, and gave it new life and renamed the establishment GLORIA MANOR. The renovation not only shone this forgotten gem again, but also made it the only resort hotel that is joining Design Hotels™ in Taiwan.