VALMONT品牌介紹 / SPA By Valmont

位於多功能園區內的 SPA By Valmont,提供旅人在天地山海間、鳥語花香中一隅最放鬆的專屬芳療空間,在此能充分享受全台獨家、
來自瑞士的頂級DNA抗老保養品牌 VALMONT 高效細緻的護膚產品與尊寵紓壓的專業療程。

營業時間:10:00-21:00,SPA 療程最後預約時間:20:00
SPA By Valmont, located in the multifunctional park, provides private aromatherapies for travelers in a calming space surrounded
by mountains, oceans, birds’ chirpings and fragrance of flowers. Here, exclusive in Taiwan, you can indulge yourself with professional
treatments using efficacious, refined skincare products from VALMONT, a premium Swiss DNA anti-aging brand. In this hideout,
you can also get rejuvenated with our secret “butterfly back massage technique”. Come have the ultimate indulgence and relaxation of
mind, body and soul, and release yourself from the fatigue of the journey.

Business hours: 10:00 – 21:00, Last reservation for SPA treatments: 20:00

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