Room Package (2019/01/01-2019/12/31)

Rates includes Breakfast


Garden Room Weekdays NT$6,200+10% up Saturday & Holidays NT$7,200+10% up

Ocean View Room Weekdays NT$7,300+10% up Saturday & Holidays NT$9,000+10% up

Deluxe Room Weekdays NT$8,100+10% up Saturday & Holidays NT$9,800+10% up

Premier Suite: Weekday NT$15,400+10% up Saturday & Holidays NT$17,600+10% up 

Gloria Suite: Weekday NT$23,800+10% up Saturday & Holidays NT$27,200+10% up



Garden Room Weekdays NT$7,600+10% Saturday & Holidays NT$8,600+10%

Ocean View Room Weekdays NT$8,900+10% Saturday & Holidays NT$9,900+10%

Deluxe Room Weekdays NT$10,200+10% Saturday & Holidays NT$11,200+10%

Premier Suite: Weekday NT$17,600+10% Saturday & Holidays NT$19,800+10% 

Gloria Suite: Weekday NT$27,200+10% Saturday & Holidays NT$30,600+10%



Room price includes breakfast for Two persons

Use outdoor swimming pool for free

Mini Bar for free

Free wifi (Please bring your own laptop)

GLORIA MANOR offers Kenting Forest Recreation Area’s coupon, please contact counter

GLORIA MANOR offers shuttle service from 07:30 to 22:30 to Kenting Forest Recreation Area, Sheding Park, Kenting Road and Xiao-Wan Beach.( Xiao-Wan Beach shuttle service time before 16:30)



1.The special rates above valid from Jan 01,2019 to Dec 31, 2019.

2.The package is only for double occupancy per room.

3.Weekdays: Sunday to Friday.

4.Holidays: Saturday, National Holidays and eves. 

5. 2019 National Holiday: 2/2-3.2/9.2/28-3/2.4/4-6.6/7-8.9/13-14.10/1-12. (Please contact hotel reservation team for room rates.)

6.Package during Chinese New Year(2019/02/04-08) are not valid.



Reservation Enquiry: +886 8 886 3666