Under the Sea

[Year Round] First Steps - Scuba for Beginners 

Are you ready to experience zero gravity? Find Nemo for yourself among the wonderful fish that live in the colorful coral reefs and explore the underwater world. To set you on your way, this trip will see you trained in basic scuba diving by an internationally accredited dive trainer.


Tour duration: Approximately 2.5 - 3 hours


[Year Round] Spectacular Scuba

If you’re a certified Nitrox diver, come along with our professional trainer on a trip out into the tropical ocean to visit the pygmy seahorses, and maybe even a sea turtle or two! Our trainer will take a look at the conditions and pick the best spot for a fantastic journey under the waves.


Tour duration: Approximately 4 hours


[Year Round] Set Sail for Fun

Chartering a boat is the latest trend among holiday-makers in southern Taiwan, so why not get a few friends together and enjoy the combination of simplicity and luxury? Not only will you be able to enjoy barbecues and karaoke onboard, you’ll also get to try your hand at water sports and diving!


Tour duration: Approximately 4 hours