From the infant stages of GLORIA MANOR’s design, we have done our utmost to embody concepts of environmental protection in every detail in the design and planning of indoor and outdoor spaces based on the assessment of the local climate and environment. Our efforts include reducing the use of air-conditioners by adopting a perpendicular design that shields the place from the sun for the balconies in the southwest. All the windows in GLORIA MANOR are designed to open to allow natural breeze in. Ceiling fans are also installed based on local conditions to increase air flow and effectively reduce indoor heat. Additionally, 50% of the building materials used  in GLORIA MANOR are eco friendly. Our efforts include the use of water-based wood paint that has received the Green Building Material accreditation and adopt the practice where plastic bottled water is not provided in guest rooms unless asked for. 


With regards to hardware, machinery and power-generating equipment, we primarily use LED lighting. Our hot water system uses heat pumps and solar energy heating systems and our air-conditioning uses inverter air-conditioners. Furthermore, we have installed a reclaimed water system that collects moderate waste water and purifies it through a purification system until the water satisfies the standard water quality mark. This purified wastewater can be reused as non-potable water or water that is not used on the human body. The purpose of these green practices is to achieve the goal of co-existing and co-prospering with nature.