Master Huang Jing Bo was the typical country boy from Pingtung. Not even having reached the age of 13, he already began taking up household responsibilities, working as an apprentice at a local seafood restaurant. Slowly but surely he began building up his knowledge and foundation for cuisine and developed a strong interest for this field of work that could provide for his family. It was with this determination did he enter National Heng-Chun Industrial & Commercial Vocational High School for Food and Beverage where he received his Level C technician degree for Chinese culinary. Huang continued to work at the local Yongxing Seafood Restaurant right up till he entered the military. 


After leaving the military, whether it be working in Kaoshiung, cooking Tainan Dandan noodles,  or working at the National Garden Gold Club, Huang was always the most persistent member. However, due to Typhoon Morakot, Huang’s hometown was destroyed, as a result he dropped everything and returned home to restore his neighborhood. It was this incident that made Huang realize the power of mother nature and his love for his hometown. 


With the accomplishments Chef Huang had gathered throughout the years, it wasn’t a surprise as chefs who had worked with Huang in the past voluntarily asked him to work with them in Taichung. However, Huang’s strong reconnection and reintroduction with his hometown after the natural disaster made it easy for him to stay right where he was.


On 15 February 2013, Chef Huang became the head chef at GLORIA MANOR. At first, Chef Huang encountered numerous challenges and defeats as GLORIA MANOR was the only fine dining restaurant in Hengchun Peninsula and Chef Huang’s prior experiences focused more on large scaled Chinese banquet cuisine. 


However, the determined chef dived head first into the world of Western cuisine and he realized that the cuisine itself and the dynamic of the kitchen was largely different to what he had known before. With practice came perfection, Chef Huang learnt how to incorporate farm grown produce into his cooking, learning how to identify certain fruits and vegetables within the large self-owned farm, how to utilize these fresh produce to obtain its maximum flavor and texture, as well as giving back to the community through fundraising activities for the elderly and personally delivering meals to them. It is through this exploration did Chef Huang realize that role of a head chef is to be able to give back to the land you call home. 


Chef Huang Jing Bo, aged 28, has been in the business for 15 years. His future and culinary skills have unlimited potential and possibilities ~