Spring Arts Season

In Kenting National Park, it’s not that easy to do “Activities of Daily Living” in the cities such as watching a movie, going to a bookstore, visiting an exhibition…It takes two hours by bus to have this little wish fulfilled. 


Then it made us think if we could do anything to allow the children here to freely read books, appreciate arts performances and movies, listen to all kinds of speeches…? Gloria Manor began to seek potential resources and partnership. The Mobile Museum of Taiwan Literature of the National Museum of Taiwan Literature, Cloud Gate Wanderer program sharing lectures, inspirational movie “Wawa No Cidal” offered support one after another. Then we invited author Ku Ling and Mr. Sheng Zhu-ru from Unitas to give lectures and sponsored field trips for nearby elementary schools…With all the events combined, the “Spring Arts Season” came into being in the beginning of 2016.



“Spring Arts Season” started from the end of March, 2016 with events coming one after another, totally free to community residents. All our efforts paid off when we saw the positive response and gratefulness from residents and sincere eyes of children in schools of rural areas. Gloria Manor team will be committed to become a “Life and arts platform” for local residents. Hotel operations will become one culture, nurturing development in children, broadening their horizons with rich various arts activities and placing our hope for the future.