Chef cooks for you

“Gloria Manor is a magical place. You can’t help but be attracted to it,” Chef Zheng Jun-yan said.


Chef Zheng Jun-yan (Kenny) was moved by the first meeting just a few days after he joined Gloria Manor. The theme of the meeting was “How to support community residents in any way we can” instead of making some pastries to support accommodation promotional activities. “Many people believe that issues like elderly people living alone in rural areas and grandparenting should be handled by organizations such as the Department of Social Welfare, World Vision, Taiwan Fund for Children and Families (TFCF), etc. In the long run, front line social workers are inevitably worn out. Who will express appreciation to these front line social workers? Or have we been taking their efforts for granted and saying that they know what they signed up for?” Kenny was deeply attracted to the idea proposed by the Marketing Department. He knew he was in the right place. 


The charity activity “Chef cooks for you” then came into shape. The consensus was to do whatever we could to provide support. The catering team provided services for free. The first mission took place in the community summer camp in Neiwen Village, Shizi Township by TFCF Pingtung. The catering team took the initiative to cook dinner for front line social workers and deliver meals to elderly people living alone in the community of Neiwen Village. It was already a dark starry night when they were on their way home. Everyone realized that working in the hotels and being a cook not only could provide meals and accommodation to tourists but also make elderly people in the rural areas and partners of TFCF summer camp happy. It is more blessed to give than to receive. The sense of achievement was what Gloria Manor’s catering team were most proud of. 



For 4 years, the “Chef cooks for you” initiative has covered every corner of Pingtung County including Neiwen Village, Catholic Church of Wanchin, Donggang Township and Gaoshih Tribe. We will be there wherever they need us. We are proud of being part of the local social enterprises.