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Recommended Trip in Kenting


[January only] Rice Planting in the Organic Paddies of Long-Shui Village

Out of concern for the environment, the farmers of Long-Shui Village have returned to the old ways of farming, cultivating a 16-hectares organic rice farm that produces clean, natural “Long-Shui organic Langjiao rice.” Step into the shoes of a famer and work alongside the locals through the paddies and experience the fun of planting organic rice yourself!


Tour duration: Approximately 3 hours 


[May-October Only] Harvesting Rice in the Or ganic Paddies of Long-Shui Community

After soaking up the moisture and nutrients of the soils of Long-Shui Community, the organic rice planted there is ready for harvest. Long-Shui’s environment makes it a rich source of food, which in turn attracts like ducks, geese and egrets, making it a must-visit for bird-lovers!


Tour duration: Approximately 3 hours


[May-October Only] Midnight harbourside crab delicacies 

Starting from may, visitors can expect to see large groups of crabs surface near the harbor. Right before the Mid autumn Festival is the peak mating season, so visitors can often see groups of crabs scurry along the roadside. Follow the crabs along the beach down to the nearby restaurant for a great meal!


Tour duration: Approximately 2.5~3 hours


[July-August Only] A midsummers night dream of fireflies

Undamaged by humanity, Lide Community is a wonderful place not only to see the stars, but also to be amazed by the massive number of fireflies that call it home. The nighttime here is just as vibrant as daytime, and following close behind our guides, you’ll be sure for a glimpse of the party Mother Nature throws here every night!


Tour duration: Approximately 3~3.5 hours


[October Only] Buzzards over Lanren 

Every October, after National Day on the 10th, huge numbers of grey-faced buzzards (Butastur indicus) pass through the skies of the Hengchun Peninsula as they migrate toward Southeast Asia for the winter. This event is a major one for Kenting, and if you’re heading south for vacation after National Day, it is definitely a must-see.


Tour duration: Approximately 8~8.5 hours


[Year-round] Manzhou Memories of Wind - Explore The Old Trail of Manzhou Tea

The slender, bumpy old trail of Manzhou tea, stretching across the port to Lide Village, can be dated back before the Japanese colonial period. It has served as the passage to school for school children in Manzhou, thus carried their traces of growing up and echoed with their laughters. In this tour, the guide will walk you through the changes of the landscape over the decades and precious memories scattered over the 3-km trail. Along the trail, there are green tunnels formed by dense tropical seeding trees, ruins of indigenous tribes, collapsed old houses…, of which the guide will share their anecdote with you, as well as interesting stories from their childhood in the area.


Tour duration: Approximately 3 hours


[Year round] Travelling the Lanren River

The crystal-clear Lanren River in Manzhou Township is rich with life, making it a great place to cool off and explore as our guide leads you upriver and away from the hassles of everyday life. If you’re lucky, you might even spot signs of the local wildlife too!


Tour duration: Approximately 4~4.5 hours


[Year round] Tea at Gangkou 

Many people don’t know that Gangkou, in Hengchun County, is Taiwan’s lowest-elevation tea-growing area! Sitting by the ocean, the plants here enjoy high temperatures along with ocean breeze and chilling winds coming off the mountains, as well as the rich sunlight of the south of Taiwan. On a visit here, you can try your hand at picking and preparing your own tea for a taste of a different tea culture from the usual.


Tour duration: Approximately 3~3.5 hours


[Year round] Deer by daylight

Sheding Workstation is the only such workstation in Taiwan dedicated to helping Formosan Sika deer (Cervus nippon taiouanus) numbers recover. If you’re lucky, on a visit to this area—largely untouched as permits are required to enter—you might spot a few of these beautiful, rare creatures!


Tour duration: Approximately 2~2.5 hours


[Year Round] Daytime Adventures

With over 180 hectares of land, Sheding Park is a nature’s classroom with up to 300 different types of plants and more than 50 species of butterflies, animals and insects. Tour guides at Sheding will lead guests through the hidden paths that only locals know. 


Tour duration: Approximately 2~2.5 hours


[Year Round] Nighttime Adventures

One nighttime arrives, nocturnal animals come to life. Guests are invited to explore the great outdoors and listen to the croaking of nocturnal life including endangered species of Chinese Bullfrogs and Spring peeper frogs. 


Tour duration: Approximately 2 hours